Sinus Elevation Procedure for Dental Implants

Upper Jaw Bone Graft — Long Island

Implants can be placed into the upper molar area of the mouth using a very safe procedure. The patient is very comfortable as space is created for the dental implant to be placed. Implants in the back of the mouth can replace missing molars, or fractured, or decayed teeth. Replacing teeth in the back of the mouth adds important support for the front teeth, which helps to keep your front teeth in good health, and improve your smile.

Before and After Photos: Upper Arch Implant

X-ray radiograph: Jaw bone before sinus lift
X-ray radiograph: Jaw bone after sinus lift with dental implant

These radiographs show an implant placed into the upper arch following a gentle lifting of the floor of the sinus. This sinus elevation procedure is completed using local anesthetic. The patient is very comfortable during the entire procedure.

Before and After Photos: Gentle Sinus Bone Graft and Implant

X-ray radiograph: Before sinus lift and dental implant
X-ray radiograph: After photo of dental implant after sinus lift

These radiographs show a space between two teeth with little bone available for placing an implant due to a low sinus. A gentle sinus elevation procedure was completed and the implant was placed into the area the same day.

Before and After Photos: Gentle Sinus Bone Graft and Two Implants

X-ray radiograph: Before Sinus Lift Missing upper teeth
X-ray radiograph: After sinus lift, showing two dental implant posts in upper jaw

The sinus membrane was gently elevated and the two implants were placed in one procedure.

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